Partners and employees 

            Truls Foss
   Attorney-at-law / partner   
Phone (+47) 23 16 16 04  Mob.   (+47) 97 03 41 54 

Truls Foss has been deputy director in the Norwegian Tax Directorate and attorney-at-law in the Norwegian Taxpayer Association. For several years Foss has provided tax counselling in one of Norway’s largest economic periodicals for private individuals. Foss’ main areas of practice are tax law, contract law and company law.  
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        Geir Brynildsen
  Attorney-at-law / partner

Phone: (+47) 69 31 59 80   Mob.     (+47) 90 56 25 08

Brynildsen holds extensive experience from the Norwegian Tax Administration, amongst others as Deputy Director General, and he has previously worked as attorney-at-law in one of the largest Norwegian law-firms. Brynildsen’s main areas of practice are tax law and company law.   

Jens Morten Løken
Phone (+47) 23 16 16 06 Mob.    (+47) 92 64 23 32
Løken has been practising as an attorney-at-law for several years and he has been Director for the Tax Administration Office for one of Norway’s county administrations. Løken’s main areas of practice are tax law, employment law, contract law, real estate and company law. 
                  Jens Morten Loeken_5108.jpg
Morten Christoffer Bryn office manager

Phone  (+47)  23 16 16 02 Cell. p. (+47)  984 88 096  
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